Our Elite Build Process

During the early stages of design, a Peters Custom Homes expert will discuss budgetary guidelines and assist in establishing a comfortable price point. We prioritize budget management throughout the design process and give options and feedback to remain within budget as the home building process continues. If you exceed your proposed budget, we immediately inform and discuss options to ensure you’re making the best design decisions available. 
To ensure a smooth home construction, we review site conditions and preparations, zoning variances, and demolish existing structures if needed. Peters Custom Homes always devises a plan prior to construction that solves any potential issues that may arise. This will save you time and money.
Once construction drawings are finalized, we prepare a complete and detailed budget itemizing the cost of every aspect of your home. Actual building costs are shown line by line and are broken down by trade and subcategory. This detailed list of how your budget will be allocated will ensure you know with complete confidence exactly where every dollar is going.
We also prepare a detailed construction time before breaking ground. This provides you with a clear timetable of what our trained experts will be doing while on site on a weekly and monthly basis. It will also clearly indicate when items are to be completed.
Once construction begins, we prioritize open, honest, and consistent communication to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience for clients. We will schedule periodic meetings with you to review interior and exterior finish material options and give detailed updates on the construction process. We will also schedule on-site walkthroughs at key points of the construction phase. In addition, our reputable site manager will send a weekly construction report via email, outlining what happened on site that week.
Consistent collaboration between our team and client continues throughout the entirety of the project and until its completion. This guarantees a pleasurable and open home building experience and ensures your custom home will be completed on time and within budget at the highest level of quality. 

The Peters Custom Homes Advantage

What sets us apart.
One of the biggest challenges within the luxury custom home industry is how a construction team interprets an approved design.
A client can approve a design plan and selection, but be disappointed in the final product. Peters Custom Homes eliminates this possibility by prioritizing consistent client communication.

We are dedicated to understanding our clients and creating a personalized approach when starting any new project. We recognize any issues before initiating a custom home building plan and correct them to ensure a smooth, seamless process. With our decades of combined experience, we anticipate potential obstacles, find solutions to the difficult questions, and guide a client through the entire building process from start to finish.