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Luxury dream homes innovatively brought to life.
The journey creating your ultimate dream home is an exciting, yet arduous adventure. We know it’s essential to find the right partner to realize your dream.
Peters Custom Homes has earned the reputation of making a client’s dreams come true. The founders have more than two decades of luxury real estate sales and home building experience. Past clients can attest to our quality craftsmanship and unmatched knowledge of the luxury home industry.
Beyond industry knowledge, experience, and quality of design lies an equally important factor when considering Peters Custom Homes: we prioritize and foster an open relationship with our clients. Our beautiful custom homes are realized visions of our clients. The relationship with our clients, designers, and suppliers is as solid and inspiring as the homes we build.
We provide various custom home styles for clients, including contemporary, traditional, modern, Mediterranean, transitional, and “Green”. Though we span many approaches when creating a custom home, we understand that dream homes are wholly specific and tailored to our client. That’s why we conceive, design, and build custom homes that perfectly match our clients.
Building a custom home is the ultimate investment. It demands copious amounts of time, money, envisioning, expertise, and passion. With the right home builder, it’s a dream-making experience from start to finish.
Peters Custom Homes listens to our clients from the initial consultation. Your timescales, feasibility, and budget are vital to our success and are incorporated to ensure our client and their vision is always in mind.

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Your Visions, Realized

Peters Custom Homes proudly produces premium properties, interiors, and exterior spaces for you and your family to enjoy, entertain, and thrive.
We believe in creating awe-inspiring designs while providing superior services. Our team of experts are with you every step of the way to ensure seamless construction. Whether you’re seeking construction of your dream home or wish to complete a complete renovation overhaul, we have the expertise and services to assist in your home building needs.
Here you’ll find unique insight into how we work as a cohesive team while achieving the impossible for custom, luxurious living spaces.
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Remodels and Renovations

Your home remodeled and renovated; your dreams realized.
While working in the industry for decades, Peters Custom Homes professionals have earned a reputation for excellence as remodelers. We’re experts at renovating properties, from finishing additions to completely gutting homes. What distinguishes us from other home building companies isn’t our technical experience, but our client-centric approach to each project.
Our clients are what makes Peters Custom Homes a successful home building company. We respect our clients and their visions by designing and constructing their dream homes within their budget while providing an unrivalled team of specialists throughout the project. We believe in total collaboration between our team of professionals and the client.
Our premium craftsmanship and exceptional service are a simple combination that produces successful renovation projects for our clients.
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Your Dream Home Interior, Your Individualized Style.

When creating custom homes or renovating, it’s essential to prioritize interior design. Designing the interior ensures style cohesion throughout the home. It also helps clients bring their dream home to life. 
Choosing the ideal interior designer is vital to ensuring a smooth home building process. These artists recognize the demands and technicalities of your project without compromising the integrity of your design. They foster your ideas, create physical representations of your visions, and help the overall project run smoothly.  
Talented interior designers focus on understanding you and your vision. They take your preferences, style, and desires for your dream home and translate it into unique, tailored living spaces. They work in tandem with you throughout the home building process, from rough sketches to idea exploration, and assist with selecting finishes, tiles, cabinets, colors, and textures. 
Your chosen interior designers, alongside Peters Custom Homes design and home building experts, assist in customizing your dream home - an abode that is beautifully and individually yours.
Peters Custom Homes will happily work with your retained interior designer. We also proudly offer a selection of highly recommended and reputable interior designers to ease your home building process.